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Coalition’s candidates meet acting ministers

By Keti Arjevanidze
Thursday, October 11
The Georgia Dream’s minister candidates continue meetings in the ministries. Tea Tsulukiani, candidate of Justice Minister, Sozar Subari, Minister of Probation, Amiran Gamkrelidze, Ministry of health, Levan Kipiani, the Sports and Youth Minister, had meetings with the acting ministers on October 10.

The meeting’s main purpose was to become aware with the current situation and programs within the various departments.

Sozar Subari met with acting minister of probation Giorgi Tughushi. On the meeting they discussed the ongoing events in the penitentiary system and throughout the whole ministry as well. The candidate mentioned the program of wide scale amnesty on which the coalition is working, but as Subari said, the number of amnestied prisoners they don’t know yet.

Subari said that there are a lot of things to change in the system, “there is a much heavier situation in the prisons than we could imagine,” said Subari. But the candidate is convinced that the situation will recover soon. Subari said their priority will be the humanization of the system and the eradication of corruption.

The acting minister of probation Giorgi Tughushi stated that he along with Subari, discussed what was done during his period of being minister and what the ministry’s financial condition is and where the fundamental problems in the system reside.

Candidate for the Ministry of Justice, Tea Tsulukiani, met deputy of Justice Minister Tina Burjaliani. Issues discussed were mainly connected with ongoing projects and working specification. Tsulukiani said that she received a promise from Burjaliani that despite the fact that Minister Zurab Adeishvili is not on his post, citizens will not feel his absence and everything will continue in a positive direction.

On the same day, Levan Kipiani, candidate for the post of Minister of Sport and Youth, met with acting minister Lado Vardzelashvili. The candidate said that the aim of the meeting was to become aware of the ministry’s programs and its course.

Vardzelashvili stated that their main task is to assist the comings in everything. The ministry in his opinion is well organized, “so they don’t have to construct it again,” he said.

Zurab Tchiaberashvili, former minister of health, labour and social assistance, met with candidate Amiran Gamkrelidze. The main issues on which they concentrated was the current situation in the ministry. Talks were also focused on the programs which are now in the department. “We will consider the recommendations the minister gave us in order to go forward in the heath sphere, in labour and social fields as well,” said Gamkrelidze.

It was Gamkrelidze’s third visit to the ministry, before he met deputies and heads of the department.

Tchiaberashvili said that the insurance program will continue as it will for socially vulnerable people and for millions of people who were insured from September 1.

The process of Georgian Dream candidates meeting with departments’ representatives will continue through the end of the week.