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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, October 11
David Kezerashvili sold shares of Rustavi 2 and Mze

Former Defence Minister David Kezerashvili who bought shares of Rustavi 2 (40%) and Mze TV (50%) a week ago, it has now become known that he sold both shares, reports. Reportedly, the new owner of those shares is businessman Giorgi Karamanishvili who is a close friend of Mikheil Saakashvili (they studied together in Kiev).

According to the information that was released, Karamanashvili paid $500,000 for Rustavi 2 shares and $250,000 for Mze TV shares.

Kaladze’s plans

Former footballer Kakha Kaladze will be appointed as the minister for regional development soon. Kaladze plans to finish all the construction which is now underway by the current government. In his interview with Prime Time, Kaladze admits that the offered post was very unexpected for him.

“For me it is a very big responsibility to be the minister for regional development and infrastructure of the country and I will do everything to fulfil all my promises. As it was a very unexpected offering, I have no plans currently, although I will work on it with my team in the near future. I know very well that a lot of work has been done by this ministry and a lot of projects are going on. I will review all of them and try to complete them on time,” Kaladze says.

The future minister highlighted that all the infrastructural projects will be in compliance with Georgian taste and standards. New buildings will be designed by Georgian architects and designers along with foreign specialists.