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What do you think new government should change in the country?

Monday, October 15
“There are so many things that need to be changed in the country…practically everything is to be changed or improved…I will be glad if the new government of the country will forget the traditions of the former government when people were appointed on various posts based on friendship or ties of relationship. I hope that people will be selected based on their skill, education and appropriateness on the job.”
Avtandil, Economist, 28

“I ask the new government to pay attention to sssssss city service fees and transportation costs. It is getting unbearable. People do not have enough income and salaries to pay 80 tetris for one way ticket in mini-buses and to pay increased tariffs for communal services.”
Lali, housewife, 56

“The first thing the new government of Georgia should do to is to dismiss and punish those officials or ordinary employees which committed crimes against the public and the state. Only after this they should start some serious country welfare related activities.”
Eka, Dentist, 25

“The primary goal of this new leadership is to carry out significant reforms in the judicial system. The court must be independent and free. Everybody should have the feeling that he/she is protected under the law and nobody will commit any crime against them because of political orientation. Secondly, another big problem is the media in the country. Media outlets are biased– especially the public broadcaster- should be free from any pressure. Ultimately, its chief should be replaced by an impartial person.”
Mariam, student, 20

“There are lots of things to be done: the government should start caring for people in reality and not just empty promises, tariffs should be decreased, the labor code should be changed. The court system should be reformed, various services should be simplified, human rights should be defended and so on.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I do not watch TV, I do not read newspapers I can speak on those problems which are very obvious and painful for me. First of all, the education system should be reformed, the system should be more Georgian; however, not too much overcrowded with patriotic rhetoric. Also, the suburbs should be paid more attention to and socially unprotected people should be given more state financial protection.”
Nikoloz, Photographer, 24