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Davit Darchiashvili releases the UNM from its responsibilities

By Keti Arjevanidze
Wednesday, October 17
The appointment of Vano Merabishvili on the post of General Secretary of the UNM was the opening topic of David Darchiashvili’s meeting with journalists on October 16. Darchiashvili said Merabishvili's name is connected to the experience and the ability of solving difficult problems.

Darchiashvili said that the UNM’s future action plan will rely on the experiences and lessons learned through the Georgia’s recent past. Darchiashvili said that 9 years ago "the country, like an ethnographical oasis, was sunk in the supremacy of corruption,” said Darchiashvili.

Darchiashvili’s attitude towards the new parliament cabinet is in the stage of waiting, “as promises have been given and the population waits for some real results.” According to Darchiashvili’s point of view, the first changes have generated a lot of questions, but he prefers to wait until the first steps are done. Darchiashvili took the example of the minister candidate of the ministry for internally displaced people from the occupied territories accommodation and refugees, when he touch upon the issue of ethnicity, and Darchashvili hopes that there will be a changed attitude and will not be a discriminatory attitude towards Georgia's various ethnicities. Darchiashvili released the UNM from their current responsibilities, saying that they have a constructive attitude towards the new government; “we will try to develop what they have achieved until now.”

The information about the UNM majoritarian transition in the new government’s group Darchiashvili denied, he said that there is an expectation of UNM’s majoritarian division into several factions, which in Darchiashvili’s opinion has a pure pragmatic meaning.

Darchiashvili hopes that the Georgian Dream will realize that the era of dreaming is over and the coalition will begin the real work.