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Agricultural issues

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, October 17
During the pre election period, both the United National Movement and the Georgian Dream coalition named agriculture as their priority in Georgia's future development. Unfortunately for the country, the Rose Revolution administration brought Georgian agriculture almost to catastrophe. The agriculture sector was paid little attention and currently it faces serious problems. Cattle breeding declined in the country, wine producing, fruit and vegetable production, milk, eggs, poultry, sheep breeding and all different important segments of agriculture came to a halt. Historically, Georgia was an agricultural country and it managed to survive presumably by supplying agricultural products to its own population. Currently, a large portion of agricultural products consumed are imported. If we consider that more than 60 % of the population lives in rural areas, it should be able to produce more agricultural output. The Rose administration ignored the country's agricultural needs. Very small investments were directed in this field. One of the incentives for the population to vote in favor of the Georgian Dream was its promise to invest considerably in the agricultural sector. People started trusting the Georgian Dream and they hope that they will not be disappointed.