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Koba Davitashvili expresses his views at press conference

By Keti Arjevanidze
Wednesday, October 17
Koba Davitashvili, one of the representatives of the Georgian Dream coalition, held a press conference on October 16. During his meeting with journalists, Davitashvili said that the ministry candidates were chosen based on various principles: “some of them have been chosen based on their professionalism, and some by their political point of view,” explained Davitashvili. In his opinion, ministers should be chosen according to the political view point, and that there should be one analyst and one manager in the group.

Davitashvili also talked about the pre-election expectations of the coalition, he said that he personally and in his opinion– society, was expecting a long fight. He also mentioned that there was a fear of bloodshed. The coalition expected the victory but they didn’t expect the recognition of defeat by Mikhail Saakashvili in such a short time.

Davitashvili also declared that there will not be any kind of revenge or political pursuit. While declaring this, Davitashvili remembered that he was once beaten on the order of the ruling authorities, but in spite of this he excluded revenge.” In this regard it is a big dilemma but I am interested in investigating the issue of the prison scandal properly– not due to the desire of punishing them and sending them to prison, but with the goal of providing society with truthful information.

Daviatshvili is going to do everything on a constitutional level in order to develop political democracy, the protection of human rights, and to formulate an independent court in the country.

Daviatshvili also highlighted the issue of independent journalism and he said that during the time of the previous administration, journalists belonged to certain political groups.

The representative of the Georgian Dream avoided the topic of amnesty, despite his recognition that this topic is very popular within society.

According to Davitashvili, the first session of parliament will be held on October 21 in Kutaisi, but he also added that the place of the session has not yet been decided, as the parliament building is not finished in Kutaisi.