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Do you think casinos and gambling should be banned in Georgia?

Wednesday, October 17
“They should have been banned a long time ago. Most of the young people are spending their time in casinos and lose money. In most cases, they lose a big amount of money which causes disastrous situation in the families. The Patriarch has suggested several times to the president and his government to pay attention to this issue, although everybody ignored it. In addition, each newly opened hotel in seaside towns has casinos.”
Ana, dentist, 29

“I welcome this initiative and would be happy if this idea comes true. Gambling is illegal in many countries and this is a good decision. If I am not mistaken, Ukraine has also banned few years ago. It would be great if Georgia does the same.”
Malkhaz, teacher, 42

“Well, I think this is a very successful business in Georgia. I have heard that many tourists visit our country because of casinos and gambling. This is a source of income like in other businesses. If the person wants to play– let him/her play, I see no problem.”
Irakli, Bank Employee, 31

“Well, I think that no; it is not the right decision. In the case of a ban, businesses in our economy will not benefit. It will be a human rights restriction. In general, I think that it is just a statement and no one will ban this sector… it is just a populist statement to please the crowds.”
Irakli, Employed, 28

“I do not think that banning the business will bring any positive for the state budget incomes.”
Tamar, Interpreter, 24

“I think that the gambling business is one of the most profitable businesses currently. Maybe there are some people affected by the business, but it should not be banned I think.”
Gia, Engineer, 41