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Thursday, October 18
Newspaper Prime-Time became political edition

Alia writes that the weekly newspaper Prime Time which was so called the “yellow” edition with scandalous news about celebrities recently became a political edition. Commenting with Alia, Editor-in-Chief of the Prime Time, Tamar Pkhakadze, confirmed that the edition has changed their profile and is now leaning towards politics. Journalism investigations will be carried out in every field,” says Tamar Pkhakadze.

However, Pkhkadze told that her paper has not changed the profile, saying they have always dedicated a fair amount of space to politics in the newspaper. “Political events are just covered on the front page due to their importance,” Pkhakadze commented. Prime Time is a 60 page edition and it has been covering culture, show business and leisure activities most frequently, although now those issues are covered in only 7 pages, the rest of the space is taken up by political news.

In the same edition, the print edition published a statement which points out the following: “If you happen to hold scandalous documents, facts or data; if you think that your rights were violated, then Prime Time’s Department for Journalism Investigation is willing to co-operate with you.”

Palitra L sent books to prisoners

Kviris Palitra writes that the publishing house Palitra L, sent books to prisoners held in Georgian prisons in an effort to renew the existing libraries there. It should be noted that the publishing house wanted to send those items long before. However, the prison officials in charge at the time did not allow them to do it. The publishing house attempted several times to address prison's officials; however, they denied the newspapers access. The situation changed after the prison scandal broke and the changing of the minister of penitentiary system.

“The penitentiary system began the implementation of new projects in prisons. The first stage of the project is to add books to the prison libraries. Palitra L offered its support in the project and we welcome their initiative,” Eka Pachulia, representative of the penitentiary system told the paper, adding that the project is implemented only in Tbilisi, as there are not enough books so far.