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Do you think the Institute of Resource Officers should be abolished in Georgian schools?

Thursday, October 18
“I do not welcome this decision. It is absolutely nonsense, because our children need to be protected at schools. Many of us can remember what was happening at schools when we were studying there. Almost everybody was smoking cigarettes in the toilets and many boys were playing various games betting money. Currently, this has been prevented and that is why I wish resource officers to be back at schools.”
Eka, hairdresser, 36

“Yes, I approve of the decision. I finish school this year and I am not interested in whether there will be a resource officer or not…”
Tekla, student, 17

“I find this decision wrong. The problem was that Shashkin was ordering resource officers to pay attention to the teachers, they were ordered to be watchdogs of the teachers. For example, they all knew who was opposition-oriented and who wasn't. This is why resource officers have been neglected by society– they were fulfilling one person’s orders. Their responsibility is completely different. I think the system of their being at schools should be reviewed and not abolished.”
Vakhtang, economist, 39

"To tell the truth, I think that the institute of resource officer should be abolished. It will be better if there is an institute of social workers and physiologists at schools.”
Sopho, Social Worker, 24

“I think the new minister should be careful when he is making such decisions. It is not an excellent project, but this is good. What is most important is that those guys are attentively watching our children and they feel their responsibility. If the old time comes back at schools I would be obliged to move my boy to a private school where he will be well protected.”
Levan, researcher, 43

“This issue is not easy to decide. Creating such institute was not right from the beginning. However, if it is discontinued, those people who are employed there will be left without jobs and such situation will make their economic life even harder… I think that the profile should be changed for resource officers or some other change might be undertaken and those people should be left at schools.”
Mzia, Teacher, 51

“I am a teacher and I do not think that our schoolchildren need extra measures to be protected. We live in a safe environment and resource officers’ institute is not necessary at all. If something happens, we have patrol police which work just fine. I welcome the decision.”
Nino, teacher, 40