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Do you think Georgian troops should leave Afghanistan?

Friday, October 19
“Definitely, Georgian troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan. Georgian people have always been against sending our troops there and I'm sure they haven't changed their mind.”
Tika, student, 18

“I will certainly support this idea and I will be very happy if our soldiers return home. We already have 18 victims of "peaceful operations" and I think they should not sacrifice their lives in Afghanistan, because Georgia does not even benefit from that mission. We have been in a critical situation for a long time, we even had a war with our neighbor and none of the so-called ‘strategic partners’ helped us. So, I see no reason why our boys should be killed there.”
Marina, teacher, 30

“It is not easy to give a yes or no answer. This is very difficult issue. Georgia’s contribution in the peaceful ISAF operation is very significant and NATO is grateful for our support and help. Georgia has taken such steps because we want to join NATO. On the other hand, I do not think Georgia should send such a big number of troops there, as we are a small nation with a small number of military personnel. We are very proud for our guys but none of us want their tragic death there.”
Beka, athlete, 25

“I have no idea what kind of agreement we have with NATO regarding this issue. If the United States or any other NATO member countries are going to decrease the amount of troops or even withdraw from there, we should do the same. It is very clear to me why Georgia sends so many soldiers there, but I also want to know when NATO will allow us to join. It's boring when NATO officials keep repeating that they are very grateful for our country’s military contribution and the door for membership is open. We don't believe their words anymore.”
Sophie, Assistant Manager, 37

“I think that Georgian troops should leave the ISAF mission. I think that Georgia’s participation there will not make any essential change in foreign policy and at the same time several Georgians have already been killed there.”
Manana, Journalist, 28

“I think that Georgians should leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. Georgians should not be killed abroad.”
Teo, Language specialist, 24

“I don't know what to say, it is difficult to give an answer.”
Mariam. Student, 18