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Monday, October 22
Georgia`s CEC ratifies final results of parliamentary polls

Final Results of Georgia`s parliamentary elections for 2012 have been published. The Central Election Commission (CEC) ratified today the summarized document of the October 1 election.

According to the final outcomes, the Georgian Dream Coalition received 54.9 % of votes, while United National Movement received 40.3 %.

The Georgian Dream will have 85 MPs in parliament, including 44 mandates by the proportional system and 41 by the majoritarian system.

The United National Movement will have 65 mandates in parliament, including 33 by proportionate system and 32 via the majoritarian system.

According to the final results, 2, 215, 661 voters took part in the election. 62, 874 ballot papers were annulled.

The document was signed by chairperson of CEC Zurab Kharatishvili and secretary of CEC commission Gizo Mchedlidze.

US Ambassador ready to cooperate with new parliament, government

US Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland has called the first session of the new parliament historic. The US is ready to cooperate with the new parliament and government, the ambassador told journalists.

"This is a historic day for Georgian democracy and for Georgia. The country will have a new parliament, new prime minister, new government and real opposition. We congratulate Georgia on this important step forward," the ambassador said.

Davit Saganelidze – University May Open in Kutaisi Parliament in future

Candidate for the leader of the Parliamentary majority, Davit Saganelidze, has not ruled out that several educational institutions may open in the building of parliament located in Kutaisi.

“There may be university or other type of institution. Parliament should be where the political center of the country is, the government, embassies and others,” Davit Saganelidze told journalists. When asked if the parliament will be moved back to Tbilisi, Saganelidze said it depends on when the old building of parliament is restored, which was severely destroyed.

Sports teams to be disposed of budgetary funds

Georgia's law enforcement ministries will quit funding their sports teams, Irakli Sesiashvili, the candidate for the parliamentary committee for defense and security said today. He said none of the teams should be funded from the state budget.

Candidate for Sports Minister, Levan Kipiani, responded to Mr. Sesiashvili`s initiative. He said the clubs should be funded only by private businesses and the old way of financing them should be abrogated.

"I can`t answer how these teams should be funded - this is out of my competence. I can only say that if the funds in the defense ministry are spent inappropriately, and in this case, I think funding professional teams is inappropriate, of course relevant agencies should be made responsible for that. The proper funds for the teams were not intended in the proper budget therefore, a question arises - where these teams were funded from and in accordance of which articles they were funded? This issue should be discussed by law enforcement in the future. From the political point of view I can say that this is unacceptable. Each tetri should be used for strengthening the country`s defense capacity," Irakli Sesiashvili said.

Representatives of the basketball teams who were previously being funded by government ministries also commented on the statements today. They said due to this decision, certain sanctions may be imposed on the Georgian teams by the international sports organizations. They also said the Georgian teams, with this decision, may fold altogether.

"We play for the fame of Georgia as well as the Georgian army in Georgia and outside its borders. We try to do this with honor. I think this is unbelievable and hope that this won't happen. It is very important for Georgia to have a strong championship. There are several clubs having been funded from the state budget so far. Of course sanctions will be imposed on the clubs as well as the National Basketball Federation of Georgia," Kote Tughushi, the chief coach of the Army's Basketball Team said.

Three basketball, one football and one rugby team have been funded from Georgia`s state budget so far.
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Barateli demands re-investigation of Sharadze`s murder case

Giorgi Barateli, who is serving his sentence for murdering Georgian writer and scholar Guram Sharadze, is demanding a re-investigation of the murder case, asserting he did not kill Sharadze and was only forced to plead guilty. Giorgi Barateli was interviewed by a journalist from, Nino Mikiashvili at the N1 prison of Ortachala, Tbilisi. Barateli demands a meeting with his lawyer to tell the details of the investigation, during which he was forced to plead guilty, otherwise, his life and health was in danger. Barateli says he was under pressure before being sent to prison; however, he intends to tell these details only to his lawyer.
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Founders intend to regain Liberty Bank

Founders have voiced their intention to regain the Liberty Bank. They gave up their possession of the bank in 2009. Giorgi Goguadze briefed in this regards yesterday, saying negotiations with the National Bank of Georgia and the current management of the Liberty Bank are underway and they would only announce the results of the consultations after they are over. The founders of the bank have abstained from voicing their demands in detail until the consultations are over.

"Considering the process of consultations, we are not going to make special statements today, because we do not want to voice formulations unilaterally. We'll introduce our decisions only after the bilateral consultations are over," Goguadze told journalists.
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