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Do you think Georgia should boycott Sochi Olympic Games and if so, why?

Monday, October 22
“Certainly it should boycott the Sochi Olympic games, because the host country is an occupier and it is being held nearby our occupied territory of Abkhazia. Accordingly, Georgia's new government must pay attention to this fact.”
Anano, student, 20

“Of course Georgia must not take part in the Olympic Games and should make this refusal clear.”
Irakli, Editor, 28

“Why shouldn't take part in the Olympic Games? Georgians are brave. Just remember one battle won by Georgian King David the builder. Enemy forces were too enormous compared with the King’s forces. However, the king sent 300 soldiers in the enemy’s rows as if they betrayed the homeland and won the battle practically with those 300 soldiers…Georgians should go and should try to get as many gold medals as possible.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“It is a pity that Georgian athletes may have problems in participating in Sochi Olympic Games, but currently the wisest decision will be to say no to that Games because of our conflict with Russian Federation.”
Marika, teacher, 35

“I think that Georgia should boycott Sochi Olympic Games. Just one reason, pollution of the Black sea should be the reason of not taking part in the event.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I think it is a very problematic issue and it should be realized in details by the professionals. In my mind, Georgia should participate in the Games; this will be one of the steps forward to normalize relations with Russian officials.”
Tamuna, secretary, 29