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Which ministry needs to carry out reforms and what kind of suggestions would you give the new ministers?

Wednesday, October 24
“Well, I think each of the ministries need a lot of reforms but the most acute one for me is the ministry of education. I would like to suggest new minister and do not lie to people and give us hopes as if studying at universities will be free. Of course, we will all be glad if this dream comes true, but this is very unrealistic and my friends are already celebrating this news. I suggest them to carry out reforms at the universities and increase the quality of the teaching process.”
Natalia, student, 21

“The most successful ministry so far was the ministry of energy, but I am sure since Kaladze will occupy the new minister’s position a lot of things will be changed. I suggest to him to not accept this post and let a professional take this position. We have no wish to go back to the darkness.”
Maka, sales manager, 36

“I am sure all of the ministers are confident that they are appropriate for the positions they have been offered. So, we should wait and see what they will do.”
Beka, football player, 23

“I think that all the ministries require reform, it will be nice that those reforms will reflect on our economic condition. I am looking forward to the communal fees being reduced and we will be able to live in normal economic conditions.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I think everything will be ok. I believe in the team which has come to power and I think that the greatest number of the ministerial candidates is appropriate for those posts they had been represented on… there are some people who state that some candidates do not fit the posts, no one is irremovable. I think that systemic reform is required in the country in almost all state fields. I am looking forward to the agricultural reform.”
Giorgi, Student, 19

“I think that if someone is appointed on such an important post as the minister’s post they should be appropriate for the post, should be educated and aware of the filed he intends to rule. Georgia needs to be a developed state and good reforms are required. It is difficult to say something beforehand, everything will become more obvious when ministers are appointed and the power is handed over.”
Tsitsi, Journalist, 25