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Gogi Khutsishvili assesses the minister cabinet

By Keti Arjevanidze
Thursday, October 25
Political analyst, Gogi Khutsishvili, met journalist on October 24. The main issue of discussion was the estimation of elections and directions to assists the processes of the democratic construction of the country.

During the meeting he emphasized the elements of the erosion among the UNM’s members, as some of them have declared their discharge from the party.

Khutsishvili reviewed the recent past of Georgia and said that the elections in Georgia went peacefully and the process of changing the posts as well. However, according to him, now the country has reached the stage when the transitional period starts in every field. Khutsishvili remembered the August War in 2008 and said that if in that time there was a parliament which the country has now there won’t be a war, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia wouldn't be recognized as independent regions. “It happened only because there was not any real power in the country that could avoid and stand against the people who had unhealthy plans, the performance of which, we saw and which lead us to this catastrophe,” said Khutsishvili.

According to Khutsishvili there should not be a constitutional majority in the Parliament “in any party’s hands.” Khutsishvili also said that the parliament should be multi- party– “there will be an opportunity of discussion and the opportunity of opposing,” explained Khustsishvili.

Khutsishvili also estimated the minister candidates and said that most of them are acceptable for him, although he didn’t exclude future changes in the ministers' cabinet. According to him, the ministers were chosen by a “strategic brain– some of them are considered for the long run and some for the short-term,” said the leader. According to Khutsishvili, the ministers' cabinet answers to all the questions and tasks which the government has. As an example, he gave Tea Tsulukiani-Minister candidate for Justice, Irakli Alasania-Defence Minister candidate and Nodar Khaduri- the Finance Minister candidate.

Khutsishvili also touched on the issue of refugees and said that the minister of this field should have three features: 1. Good knowledge of refugees’ problems, 2. Principality towards the issues, such as illegal occupation of territories by refugees, 3. Tidiness of doing the job. According to Khutsishvili, the minister candidate has all these qualities, but he also admitted that this person has other features which are unsuitable for all these.