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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, October 25
Do you welcome large scale amnesty?

The new government plans amnesty, but how large it will be no one knows. Zakaria Kutsnashvili, a representative of the majority, said that the amnesty bill does not exist. However, parliament is going to discuss this issue in the near future. Rezonansi asked civil society representatives what they think about this.

Marina Beridze: (musician): I am afraid of the idea of a large-scale amnesty. And if many people suddenly are released, it will be very dangerous... the bandits must not be released. I think that political prisoners’ cases must be reviewed and these people should be released, it is also possible to release the detainees for minor hooliganism, but releasing a lot of people from prison I don’t think it is a good idea.

Avtandil Demetrashvili (constitutionalist): it is less important many prisoners should be released or not. The most important criterion is– which contingent will be released. It will be good if less people will be in jail, but those who had committed heavy crimes should not be released earlier.

Demur Giorkhelidze (political): The degree of the crime must be determined, and after that the prisoners should be released. A person who has committed a crime and does not deserve a pardon should not be released.

24 Hours dismisses staff says that due to the financial difficulties in the newspaper 24 hours, 90% of the employees might be dismissed. Under what conditions journalists will work at this point is unknown. According to the source, such discussion was held on October 22 by 24 hours founder, Mamuka Pachuashvili. was not able to contact him.

Another founder of the newspaper Paata Veshapidze said to Alia that so far, there are no problems in the newspapers. However, he could not predict the situation in the next month.