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Do you have your favorite candidate for ombudsman’s position?

Thursday, October 25
“I have no idea what is going on in politics and who might take this position… unfortunately I have no information even who is even represented on the post.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“I would like to see Tamar Gurchiani in the position. She is very competent and is not related with any political force. She is not influenced by others as well. Lortkipanidze and Nikolaishvili are related with political parties… Lia Mukhashavria is a good candidate as well. However, I think that Gurchiani is more appropriate for the position.”
Davit, Editor, 47

“I think that Dimitri Lortkipanidze should take the post. He has always been actively involved in public defending issues and I believe that he is a worthy candidate on the post.”
Mano, Journalist, 27

“I listened to all the candidates yesterday on TV and I am glad that we have such talented people in this field. I made a decision to support Tamar Gurchiani. She is well educated, professional and what is most important– she has nothing in common with politics. She has never been involved in politics and that gives me a hope that she will be very unbiased and impartial.”
Keti, student, 20

“I do not know. We need a strong and professional public defender to defend each person’s rights. Some of them have a political background, some of them are not known, some of them have made some xenophobic statements which is unacceptable for this post. Overall, parliament will decide and I have a hope that they know each candidate better than me and they will choose the best.”
Otar, musician, 33

“I would prefer to see either Lortkipanidze or Gurchiani. They are very motivated and I am sure they will help everybody who will address them. Besides, I think a number of complains will be reduced in the country especially regarding prison problems. Sozar Subari is a person who will never allow prison torture in the jails.”
Mamuka, economist, 41