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Controversies over hydro-electro power stations

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, October 20
With a new administration in power, energy issues and in particular the construction of hydro- electro power stations has become very hot topic. One opinion is that Georgia should concentrate on constructing huge hydro-electric power station and thus not only satisfy its demands but also produce enough electricity to export it to neighboring countries. The Saakashvili administration promoted this approach and various large projects were started. This triggered the utmost discontent not only among specialists on environmental issues, but as well as in wide layers of the population. Environmental protection advocates have brought multiple arguments against those large power station projects. As an alternative, they suggested building small hydro-electric power stations in the smaller rivers of Georgia stressing the fact that country is rich of such rivers and as a result, the ecosystem will not be damaged. The experts also suggested using alternative energy, recommending solar and wind energy as well. The disputes over the issue were not held during the previous administration because the decisions then were taken by one person the President and he supported the large projects. So, now presumably the new ruling administration will carry out public discussions on the issue and the matter will be decided after the involvement of the experts.