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Examinations in schools return their previous form

By Keti Arjevanidze
Tuesday, October 30
The Ministry of Education and Science has formed a new model of examinations. There will be new innovations in the system, the Minister of Education, Giorgi Margvelashvili and the head of the National Examination Center, Maia Miminoshvili revealed on October 29.

The exams will be divided into two parts, 11th grade students will take exams in four subjects: Physics, chemistry, biology, geography. 12th grade students will take exams in Georgian language, mathematics, foreign language and history in May.

11th grade students who study in 2012-2013, will not be examined by the National Examination Center; schools will be responsible for exams. From the next year, all exams will be held by the National Examination Center, the CAT program will guarantee the exams.

Students studying in 2012-2013 will pass exams as an exception not in May, but in the next studying year, in September. They will be given a chance to prepare for the exams.

According to the new exam form, in the case that the student fails in some subject, he/she will be able to continue the studying process in the next year. Students will be given a chance to take the failed exam additionally at the end of the studying year. The graduates in order to continue studying in the University will have to take exams in July.

According to Margvelashvili, the scheme which they had worked out is fitted to the students. "The exams will not be stressful for the students as it was before. It will be divided according to the year. On the one hand, we will guarantee the studying process’s concentration. On the other hand, we give more opportunity to our students to pass the exams without stress,” said the minister.

Margvelashvili also expressed astonishment about the data bases of the examinations. “One of the major problems which were spotted in the system before is that with Minister Shashikin, all the data bases were taken from the National Center and transferred to the ministry. This puts a question mark in the base’s safety,” he declared.

The head of the National Examination Center, discussed the issue of teacher’s certification, she said that the program of certification is not planned to be changed at this stage. But she did not exclude a new angle added in the certification process, which will be included in the program.