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How do you feel about the recent tactic of Georgian refugees occupying buildings forcefully?

Tuesday, October 30
“Well, I understand how much it is hard to live in such conditions as they live for already more than 20 years. It should have been a priority for the previous government to satisfy their needs including jobs and accommodation. However, a lot of money disappeared from the IDP ministry without any clue. Overall, I cannot judge them, I feel sorry for them.”
Marika, teacher, 39

“Definitely, I am aware that it is not pleasant to spend your life in one room without any prospects. However, I do not agree with them to invade and to begin living in any empty building in the city. I have a hope that the new minister will think about them and their problems will be resolved as soon as possible.”
Anastasia, student, 20

“I am sure that those people were provoked by the previous government. I would like to ask them how did it happen that all the problems occurred all at once? They are IDPs from Abkhazia as well as the Tskhinvali region and they have been living in Tbilisi for many years. Why shouldn't they protest? Because they did not have any hope? I suggest they keep calm and wait for their minister to help them solve all these acute issues.”
Temo, IT specialist, 27

“Well, I do not welcome such action from the refuges side; it is difficult to approve such action. It will be better if they act based on the law.”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“It is not really a legal action. However, it is also obvious that they have to live in extremely bad economic conditions and it is very difficult to judge such a person who is fighting for life and bread.
Zaza, Analyst in Security field, 37

“Well, as soon as Ivanishvili came to power, everyone decided to express protest concerning their previous problems, which they had under the former government and the country was covered with some protest actions. It would be better if all wait a bit and enable the man to make calm and better situation in the country.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“I really can’t approve the way refugees are trying to get living space, but they have suffered a lot and it is time for the government to pay attention to the problem and arrange accommodation for them”
Misha, engineer, 51