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Problems with Georgian railways

Wednesday, October 31
During the last year of UNM governance, there was a tendency to sell and privatize Georgian railways. In particular, after the announcement of Ivanishvili to participate in the elections, this issue became very significant. The Georgian government even tried to sell the railways in a hasty way though announcing an international tender. But it appeared that Bidzina Ivanishvili could possibly participate in the bidding. Though this is not confirmed by Ivanishvili himself, some analysts suggest that this possibility forced the ruling National Movement to suspend this decision of selling Georgian railways. Now the ruling administration has changed in Georgia. Ivanishvili has led Georgian Dream into power. So even they officially were not exercising complete power as the government had not been approved yet the protest rallies and strikes took place in Georgian railways. These are strategically important assets for Georgia and Russia is very interested in purchasing Georgian Railways so it can join it to the Armenian railways, which already belongs to Russia under the name of S. Caucasus railways. So the Russian plans are obvious: They want to secure a railway link between Georgia and Russia to/from Armenia through connecting these railways to Russia's mainland via separatist Abkhazia. However, now the situation has changed. People who are protesting, have blamed the former leadership for carrying out the wrong policy in hiring, dismissing and promoting personnel, paying low salaries, carrying out financial machinations and the demand from the government to take decisive measures in this regard.