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Minority wishes to lead parliamentary investigation commission

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, October 31
The parliamentary minority, United National Movement, wants its representatives to be appointed as the chairs of a temporal investigation commission of the parliament and all other temporal commissions as well.

It should be pointed out that the temporal parliamentary commissions are created for the investigation of law violations and corruption issues, for such essential topics as state security, territorial integrity, the inappropriate spending of budgetary funds and for such issues which carry significant importance to the country.

The candidates on the posts of the commissions’ chairs can be represented by the majority, minority, parliamentary faction and six man groups of parliamentary MPs.

The UNM representatives claim that the initiative which has already been prepared by them can be taken as a part of the pre-election promises given by the coalition Georgian Dream.

Moreover, according to MP, Petre Tsiskarishvili, the initiative is the “copy from the coalition’s pre election program.”

Tsiskarishvili states that there might be two reasons why the coalition had emphasized being of opposition representatives as the heads of the temporal commissions of the parliament.

The UNM initiates that the candidates for the posts to be named only by the parliamentary minority.

The parliamentary majority is not going to take the UNM initiative into consideration.

According to MP, Zakaria Kutsnashvili, appointing the minority representatives on such positions was really written in the coalition’s pre-election program.

“However, the pre-election program differs from the government program,” Kutsnashvili said.

He has also emphasized that the main aim of the temporal commissions might be the investigation of the illegal actions committed by the former government.

“In case if the commission is created with the aim and it is headed by the member of the former government, impartiality of the investigation and the commission’s activity will be set under a big question mark,” Kutsnashvili said.

Kutsnashvili underscored that the public is looking forward to the investigation of the violations carried out by the various officials.

Before making the statement, it had already been voiced that the parliamentary investigation commission will be created and supposedly, it will be chaired by one of the leaders of the Republican Party, Tina Khidasheli.

Statements have also been made by Khidasheli who has emphasized that all those cases will be investigated for which some question marks exist. According to her, the commission will investigate the issues of the former officials.