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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, October 31
Will the former officials return?

Since Georgian Dream came to power, former officials are planning to return to Georgia. Emzar Kvitsianis' family has returned. His family said that after investigation of the case he will return. Emzar Kvitsiani was the representative of former president Shevarndadze in Kodori (now the separatist-controlled Abkhazia).

They are also talking about the return of Levan Mamaladze, Igor Giorgadze and Irakli Okruashvili.

Rezonasi asks: is it acceptable for the former officials to return?

Mikheil Tavkhelidze (political analyst): "If they have committed any crimes then they should be charged for that in this case. But otherwise, I welcome them back.

In my opinion, this is very bad when criminals are hiding in Russia, and they are untouchable. I hope that our new government will not carry out selective justice and criminals will not be judged based on their political views.

Giorgi Shengelaia (Director): They must return and present in front of the court and the court should decide those who are innocent or guilty. First of all, it should be cleared up if their demands are legitimate on property or not. For those who left the country under Saakashvili, they can return.