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Do you think the new government allows media outlets to work independently and impartially?

Thursday, November 1
“Yes, I consider that new government will not prevent the media from working properly. I hope that the new leadership of the country will not repeat the mistakes made by the previous government. It is important for the new ones to take the former experience into consideration.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“Currently, there are no obstacles created by the new government for media. However, in general, I think that all the government will try to have media outlets under its control.”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“Until now, I thought that the new government would not have created problems for the media. However, the information which has been spread concerning restricted broadcasting of the Government meetings imposed some doubts in me concerning the issue.”
Mano, Journalist, 28

“I think that there will be some restrictions in the future, because every government somehow influences the media, but of course I hope that it won’t be so”
Nana, pharmaceutist, 27

“It is too early to make a conclusion on what kind of relationship the government will have with the media, because the existing media, with its journalists, doesn’t deserve a positive attitude from anybody. When the normal media organizations will work, professional journalists will start to cover real problems, than we can differentiate whether media influences or not’”
Ia, Student, 24

“I think the media will now have more freedom to act in a really ethical way. It is up to the meda itself to exercise its rights without any barriers.”
Eka, Teacher, 27

“Government should always be away from media. Media should have the right to operate in a proper way but any kind of engagement in their activity may negatively affect the entire society. Let everyone realize this small issue!”
Gizo, Doctor, 36

“Even if the government tries to somehow influence any media, its editorial policy should restrict such engagement. The main problem during Saakashvili’s presidency was the unhealthy competition in the media when some had more access to information than others did. The main function of the media is to provide the audience with truthful information about everything and this is why they should care for people not the government.”
Elene, Lawyer, 21