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The PM appointed a Special Envoy for relations with Russia. What do you think about this decision?

Friday, November 2
“I think this is a good idea and Zurab Abashidze is hugely qualified for this position. I'm waiting for economic problems to be solved first; however I don't think any progress will be achieved on the territorial integrity issue.”
Temo, Journalist, 27

“I think that what has happened concerning Russia can be assessed as normal. Currently I cannot add anything. It will be easier to estimate the decision after some time.”
Irakli, employer, 28

“I think that this is the right decision to improve and rebuild good relationships with Russia.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“I think it's a bit early to make such a step. I am not at all against normalizing Georgian-Russian relations especially in economic terms because Russia is our neighbour and its market can be very profitable for exporting Georgian products but I think Saakashvili’s government will use this decision against Ivanishvili claiming the PM is pro-Russian or something like that.”
Elene, Housewife, 41

“I welcome restoration of relations between the two neighbouring countries.”
Meri, MA Student, 24

“How can we talk about the restoration of diplomatic relations with the occupying country? I think it is unrealistic. Are we forgetting that Russia has occupied 20% of Georgian territories?! If the PM wants to regulate trade relations it will still be hard to accomplish because on the one hand Georgia can enter the Russian market via other countries like Belorus or Ukraine, but on the other hand, Moldova and Argentina have already taken Georgia's place in the Russian market in terms of wine export. I think Russian embargo has been even “profitable” for Georgia as we have explored new markets.”
Nona, Journalist, 29

“I agree with the new governments' plan, but I don't believe that it's possible.”
Zakaria, Analyst, 25

“It is true that somehow the relations between us and Russians should be restored and I welcome any step taken toward this. I believe not only an envoy should be appointed but also a new commission for future negotiations should be established.”
David, PR manager, 32