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Tuesday, November 6
Reports say Bidzina Ivanishvili got back the 80 million GEL fine he paid

Reports say that Bidzina Ivanishvili has received the 80 million GEL he earlier paid as a fine.

"According to my information, the money, transferred by Bidzina Ivanishvili, had not been spent on rehabilitation of the Kakheti region. It had been kept in a state account," Infrastructure Minister Davit Narmania told journalists. The Enforcement Bureau fined Bidzina Ivanishvili for making illegal donations. Initially, Ivanishvili refused to pay the fine, though later he transferred 80 million GEL to help the people hurt by bad weather in the Kakheti region.

Working group of Infrastructure Ministry arrives in Kakheti

A working group of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Georgia arrived in the Kakheti region to check-up on the implementation of state-funded projects in the region.

The representatives of the ministry began their monitoring from Kakheti, which was seriously affected by hail, windstorm and floods a few months ago and it was the region, for which the previous government allocated serious funds aimed at rehabilitation work and compensations to the disaster-affected population. Minister Davit Narmania said all large-scale projects that were launched before the parliamentary elections would continue. However, the inspection continues to clarify the reasons why some serious projects were delayed.
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Port employees continue their protest

The employees of Poti Port are still on strike. For past five days, they have refused to work, demanding an increase in their salaries and the improvement of their working conditions. The Ministry of Economics has joined the negotiations to solve this protest and return the port to the usual regime of operating. The head of the Marine-Transport Administration met with the protestors yesterday. They said the problem should be solved via dialogue.
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Davitaia suggests careful discussion of state minister`s initiatives

Leader of the European Democrats, Paata Davitaia, has called upon lawmakers to discuss scrupulously and attentively the initiative of the State Minister for Reintegration. Paata Zakareishvili announced a few days ago that the Government of Georgia should discuss the issue of railway restoration and automobile communication with Abkhazia, as well as the unilateral recognition of Abkhazian passports.

"The media has been reporting the statements of State Minister Zakareishvili as if the government is discussing the issues of restoring railway and traffic communication with occupied Abkhazia and the S. Ossetia regions of Georgia. The most dangerous issue, which is also being discussed, is the unilateral recognition of Abkahzian and S. Ossetian passports. Recognition of passports is equal to the recognition of independence, because a passport is a symbol of sovereignty," Paata Davitaia said.

Miners in Chiatura still on strike

The miners, who work in the Itkhvisi mine, Chiatura, are still on strike refusing to work until their working conditions are improved and their salaries increased. The miners went on strike about three weeks ago and refuse to halt their protest until their demands are satisfied. About 20 protestors remain underground at the end of a 2,500 meter-long mine. The protestors say they will move to street demonstrations unless their demands are satisfied. The mine manager company– Manganese Georgia, has promised to increase the salaries of the staff by 32%. However, the protestors say only after 40% growth will they suspend the protest.
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