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Recently, Georgia’s PM has appointed a special envoy to regulate relations with Russia. What do you think about it and what should be the first issue to be discussed with our northern neighbor?

Tuesday, November 6
“Firstly, I must admit that freezing relations will not bring anything good to our country. I welcome the PM’s decision and I find his step wise. However, it will be very hard to restore relations with the occupier country but I trust Mr. Zurab Abashidze, he is a very experienced diplomat and I am sure he will manage to do his job properly. Of course nobody has an illusion that Russia will refuse its recognition of two rebel territories but at least, we should have a guarantee that we will not be attacked in future.”
Mariam, Communications Manager, 32

“Well, there is nothing wrong if anybody will try to regulate relations with Russia, but I am a bit skeptical and I think nothing will come from this attempt. It is a pity that we cannot change geography and neighbors around us, that is why if there is any chance, Georgia should do everything possible and impossible not only to restore normal relations, but to withdraw their recognition of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region.”
Otar, musician, 38

“Nobody should meet any Russian officials while they control our territories. How can we think about normalizing relations with those who killed our people brutally, who made thousands of people to leave their homes? I am an IDP and I miss my home and my village very much, although I know that my house is totally destroyed. I have no wish to see any Russian around me.”
Maiko, student, 19

“I think this is a reasonable decision because we need better relations with our northern neighbor no matter if we like it or not. Russia is huge and a hundred times stronger than our country is.”
Teo, Teacher, 24

“Well. I think that it was a very positive step. Maybe Russian politics is unacceptable for us, but the Russian market is too important. Firstly, economic relations should restore and after this reintegration issues might also be set in agenda.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I absolutely welcome appointing the envoy. We have to start regulating our relations with Russia. First of all trading relations should be restored. The envoy should try to open the Russian market for Georgian products. “
Tako, Law Student 24