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What do you think on the current protest rallies in Georgia? Do you think it is the right time for expressing protest?

Friday, November 9
“The government cannot just come out and say 'Guys, you chose the wrong time for protests' -they have to listen to their demands. These are the people who voted for them and now they want their demands to be heard.”
Sophio, Journalist, 24

“I feel as if all these people were sleeping during the eight years of Saakashvili’s government and suddenly they woke up with all their problems. For me it sounds very strange… I think people are demanding improvement of their lives with just a magic wand but we should all understand that it will take time and money to deal with all their problems.”
Tina, Housewife, 41

“I think that this wave of protests is either organized by the previous Government or the protests are being organized by people who think that their problems will be solved if they come into the streets. Both these actions are unacceptable for me.”
Manana, Editor, 28

“I think that there have been two moments: the first was a riot artificially created by outside forces. The second moment is now that the previous government is gone people feel relief and are expressing their dissatisfaction freely. However, the fact that various organizations have decided to protest at the same time creates some doubts. The current opposition is making statements as if these rallies are not their doing…”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“I think we all have suffered a lot during the last few years but I don't think we can deal with our problems simply by holding protest rallies."
Nodar, Dentist, 36