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EU-Georgia Trade insights: the first issue of Delegation newsletter available online

Monday, November 12
The first edition of the EU Delegation newsletter on EU-Georgia trade relations is available online. The newsletter will be released on a regular basis, providing updated information and background on relevant EU- Georgia trade and DCFTA-related matters, a press release from the Delegation says.

In the introduction to the first issue, the Head of the European Union to Georgia Philip Dimitrov said: “Today, Georgia and the EU enjoy a very close trade and investment relationship; we are working together to make it even stronger. The start of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) negotiations between the EU and Georgia, launched last February, has been a major step forward in this regard. Together, we have been working intensively to reach this point. We still have a busy agenda in front of us and the completion of the DCFTA talks is only one step in a long reform process. The EU stands ready to further assist Georgia along the way.”

The newsletter consists of the following rubrics: DCFTA Highlights (After the October 1st elections: DCFTA-reforms need to continue), Topics at a glance (A free trade area with the EU: What does it mean for Georgia?); Did you know that (The European Commission negotiates trade agreements for the EU)?
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