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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Monday, November 12
No lights in president’s palace

The Presidential Palace is without light for several days, as the President's spokesperson Manana Manjgaladze explains that for cost-cutting reasons, by the administration there has turned off the lights.

How one would appreciate to see president’s palace without lights, with this question Resonansi asked society.

Kate Bekauri (lawyer): It is very good, but it would have been better if the president applied this 8 years ago. Now it seems like angry child's behavior when a mother has not bought an ice cream and a child refuses to accept food.

Nika Kavtaradze (Producer): Any dark house is not acceptable to me, especially the presidential palace, because president institute is important as the other characters; such is the flag and Georgia’s coat of arms.

Zura Khachidze (Artist): If we can help with the poor people, then why not. Because it does not matter, most important, is to make economy for the benefit of people.

New radio and TV by Maestro holding

Maestro owners created a holding which combines two TV and two radio stations. News channel Maestro and news radio Maestro are on-air currently, reports. According to Mamuka Glonti and Maka Asatiani, the founders of the holding, say that the new Radio and new TV stations will be added.

The new station is expected to start broadcasting in February 2013 and the radio station will be launched in January 2013. The new TV channel will be by cable TV license.

This was stated by Mamuka Glonti on November 9 at a press conference.

The TV station will broadcast different programs– entertainment, news, soap operas, talk shows and so on. The outlets will be financed through advertisements.