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Did the absence of yellow buses in the city create obstacles for you? Do you think the drivers’ protest is fair?

Monday, November 12
“I usually travel on the metro but sometimes I take buses because the mini-buses have a double price. So naturally people have suffered a lot during these several days because average Georgians cannot afford paying 80 tetris or several laris for taxies. I think the bus drivers have fair demands, but I think they should have expressed their protest with the former government. I just wonder why they were bearing everything a couple of months ago or even a year ago?”
Nodar, Architect, 31

“Unfortunately I do not know anything about their salaries and I do not also use buses. But when a group of people express their embarrassment towards someone it means that they suffer a lot. I think it is the responsibility of the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office to calm down these people and ensure that their labor is respected.”
Ia, Dentist, 36

“We, Georgian people have one terrible habit: we do not go out to support one another until some problem hurts us. I absolutely understand how hard the bus driver must be feeling now, but I think they have been keeping their silence for a long time. Of course, it is better late than never, but can anyone imagine how scared they must have been of the former government? I think the Mayor’s Office should follow the drivers’ demands and also consider the interests of the Georgian population – we need municipal transport!”
Maia, Housewife, 43

“Well, absence of the buses creates a problem in the city of course. The price of buses is less at the same time. Due to the absence of buses, marshutkas are overcrowded…I think that the demands are bit unfair, as it has been stated that the drivers’ salary is nearly GEL 800. I think that they should stop the process and wait a bit. The new government has just come to power.
Nana, Student, 21

“I think that their demand is fair and they should have high salaries as during 12 hours, they have to sit and be careful as the passengers’ fates are in their hand. As for discomfort, I do not use the bus however, I use marshutka and currently they are overcrowded.”
Lasha, IT specialist, 30

“I can say one thing. Georgians lack patience. Until we improve this feature, nothing will come out. As soon as the new government came to power lots of people went on strike to improve their conditions. Teachers, whose salary is GEL 200, are waiting until the government launches some changes concerning them and drivers whose salary is GEL 800 could not wait and created more discomfort?”
Mariam, Student, 18