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Meeting with Sagarejo Communities on Sustainable Management of Pastures

Tuesday, November 13
On October 31, 2012, at the Center for Civic Engagement of Sagarejo, CENN arranged a meeting to discuss the measures elaborated for the improvement of pastures of the Sagarejo municipality and to review the opportunities for the introduction of modern agricultural technologies to small farms.

Agriculture experts, representatives of the community and the relevant government agencies, small-scale farmers and students attended the meeting.

The report and recommendations on the sustainable management of pastures in the Sagarejo municipality, developed within the scope of the project Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Diaster Mitigation (CCADM) funded by USAID, were presented to the participants. Special guidelines on pasture management were distributed among the farmers.

The participants were also introduced to a new initiative - “Building Resilient Communities and Adaptive Government”, which is being implemented by CENN with the financial support of the Dutch government and its pilot projects on the promotion of the introduction and employment of modern agricultural technologies (e.g. electric wire fencing, drip irrigation systems, mulching, small greenhouses, etc).