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Tuesday, November 13
Tamar Chugoshvili: it is feasible to impeach president

Chairperson of the Young Lawyers’ Association Tamar Chugoshvili states that the procedure of impeaching the president is a protracted and difficult process. “This is a three-step process. First, one-third of MP votes are needed for initiation, and then the conclusions should be prepared by the Supreme Court if it concerns a criminal case; if it is about the violation of the constitution then it must be prepared by the constitutional court. The next stage is the impeachment, which needs 2/3 MP votes. Hence, the procedure of impeaching the president is quite difficult and protracted,” Chugoshvili told InterPressNews. She says that it’s feasible to successfully complete the impeachment process of the president. “If at least 100 MPs share the necessity of impeachment, this is feasible despite the difficulty of procedures,” Chugoshvili noted.

Minister of Culture appoints four deputies

Minister of Culture of Georgia Guram Odisharia has introduced his four deputies to Georgian society. The first deputy minister is Aleksandre Margishvili. Other deputies are Khatuna Khundadze, Marine Mizandari and Yuri Mechitov.

Khatuna Khundadze will work in the direction of event organizing and art education; Marine Mizandari will be in charge of supervising national heritage and international events; Yuri Mechitov will supervise art teaching, theatre development and movie studios.The minister did not appoint Tako Charkviani as his deputy, though the candidacy was strongly supported by various public figures. They even sent an address to the minister urging to appoint Charkviani on this position.
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Police discharge tension in Tetritskaro

The Tetritskaro municipality has returned to the usual regime of work after a few hours of blockade. The staff of the administration managed to enter the building and work with the help of the police. The problems were caused by the protest of the Georgian Dream activists, who rallied outside the building preventing the staff from entering. The MPs from the parliamentary minority arrived earlier yesterday to look into the problem, but they faced serious protest of the people assembled outside the building. The protestors are demanding resignation of the municipal governor and the newly appointed chairperson of the self-government in Sakrebulo.
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Economic Ministry rejects Tbilisi mayor`s initiative

Mayor of Tbilisi has introduced his initiative to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Economics, offering to make the Tbilisi Transport Company subordinate to the Ministry. Gigi Ugulava says if the company is taken in the possession of the government, the government of the capital will have no connection to it. The mayor voiced this initiative following the past few days` protest of the Tbilisi municipal bus drivers, which has caused serious problems of transportation to the residents of the capital.

The ministry has rejected the initiative of the mayor. Authorities say the Tbilisi government is obliged to solve the problem of the bus drivers` strike itself, because the Tbilisi Transport Company and the Tbilisi Metropolitan Company are the subordinate companies to the Tbilisi government. "Therefore, the mayor`s office is obliged to provide normal work of these structures and solve any problems related with them," the statement of the ministry says.
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Staff Changes Carried out in State Audit Service

Staff changes have been carried out in the State Audit Service. According to the web page of the office, former MP Bezhan Butskhikidze has been appointed as head of the budget audit department of the local self-government units. Also, former MP Andro Alavidze will be the head of the administrative department. The state audit service told InterPressNews that staff changes were carried out last week. Bezhan Butskhrikidze replaced Vasil Gigolashvili and Andro Alavidze replaced Irena Melua.