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Tuesday, November 13
State budget allocated over 2 million for musical Keto and Kote

In his interview to Kviris Palitra, Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri says that millions of lari have been spreading from the state budget not reasonably. According to him, Georgia’s president has five palaces, three planes and bodyguards with tens of cars. He says that the president has a lot of expenditures.

“The cost of his residence [Avlabari Palace] cost is unknown. We are not a rich country to handle such high expenditures. From the new year its financing will be reduced,” Khaduri said, adding that to stage a musical Keto and Kote last year, the state budget allotted GEL 2.12 million. As for the concert of Andrea Boccheli, its expenditure was 2.4 million GEL

Besik Pipia: Mamuka Akhvlediani offered me Saakashvili’s simulation liquidation

IDP from Abkhazia, Besik Pipia, claims that the vice mayor of Tbilisi, Mamuka Akhvlediani, offered him to stage an assassination attempt on President Saakashvili, adding that if he would do it, the government officials would pay him 2 million GEL. This was at a time when Badri Patarkatsishvili, the late Georgian billionaire and presidential candidate in the 2008 elections, moved into the opposition. Kviris Palitra informs.

“Akhvlediani told me that during the meeting between the president and the people in Imereti, the security service of the president would allow me to approach the president. Before that, I would have passed special training in the security services; they would have given me a device, which would not explode; it just had to be an imitation of an assassination. After that, of course, I would have been detained by the security service of the president. On the same day, I would have given a testimony, saying that Valeri Gelbakhiani, Badri Patarkatsishvili’s election staff head, allegedly promised me 2 million GEL to eliminate the president,” Pipia said.

“Akhvlediani convinced me that in two months, after situation calms down, they will let me out on the basis of the procedural agreement. I got confused and very frightened. When a government official makes you such an offer of course, one gets frightened. However, I agreed with him. We agreed to meet the next day to specify more details. The meeting was scheduled at Tbilisi City Hall. That night I left Tbilisi. For about a year I was hiding in the basement of a friend of mine,” he added.

Pipia is going to present evidence to the public prosecutor and the investigative commission of the parliament. He is going to protest at the house of Mamuka Akhvlediani and declare a hunger strike. “I invite him to a live broadcast - let him answer me and my family,” Pipia says.