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Do you welcome alternative monitoring groups in the penitentiary system?

Tuesday, November 13
“I really welcome such decision. It will be really good if there are various monitoring groups observing the situation in Georgian prisons. Formerly, the prisons have been completely closed to society and we have already gained the horrible result… the same cannot be repeated.”
Levan, Student, 20

“I think that such monitoring groups will bring nothing bad… if the penitentiary system is opened to the public, the chance of prisoners’ rights being violated is less. Of course, prisons should be strictly controlled however, without torture and abuse. I welcome the creation of such monitoring groups.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Yes, why not, I think this is an important mechanism to control the government, and in the other hand this increases the role of civil society.”
Irina, Journalist, 25

“I absolutely agree with the idea of having an alternative monitoring group in the penitentiary system.”
Lali, Writer, 31

“Absolutely, I think penitential system should be monitored strictly and by different independent groups, to make sure inmates are treated properly and they have normal conditions to serve the sentence”
David, It support, 25

“Prison should be as opened for society as possible. I believe there should be different governmental or non-governmental groups monitoring the situations in the prison system and making the information open for the citizens. Inmates are also the part of the society and we have to make sure their rights are also protected.”
Tamar, Law Student, 21