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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, November 15
The government will try to reduce tariffs by winter

According to the chair of Parliament's Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Zurab Tkemaladze the government has not gotten involved in the energy tariffs reduction process, Rezonansi reports.

However, he said, consolations are underway with the companies and the regulatory commission. According to him, customers are charged extra and this should be regulated.

As the MP commented to Interpressnews, the government will try to explain that to the companies and the regulatory commission and decrease the tariffs.

Will arrest of high-ranking officials hinder integration into NATO?

The parliamentary minority believes that the arrest of high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces hurt the image of country and will hinder integration with NATO. Armed Forces Chief of Staff, George Kalandadze's arrest will not affect the country's image positively and this circumstance will influence negatively on the attitudes of the NATO summit, said one of the leaders of the National Movement Davit Bakradze.

Interior Minister Irakli Gharibashvili thinks that it will not hamper the country's integration into NATO. I do not think the arrests will prevent Georgia's integration into NATO. “Whoever is guilty should be detained,” says Gharibashvili.

Rezonansi conducted a small survey of what public figures think about it.

Irakli Aladashvili (Military analyst, editor): Georgia's integration into NATO is hindered by many years because of the 2008 August War. Crimes also happen in the NATO armed forces. If anyone is guilty, they should be punished; and in this case, it does not matter if NATO's Secretary General likes it or not.

Giga Lortkipanidze (Director): I do not know whether it will prevent the integration of our country, but if NATO is protecting Akhalaia, then there is no need to enter it.

Levan Gvinjilia (Philologist): it does not matter whether it will influence on integration process in NATO or the EU. If a person has committed a crime, he must be held accountable before the court. Comments made by minority representatives should not be taken seriously.

Gia Kharkharashvili (former Defense Minister): I believe that nothing will obstruct Georgia's integration into NATO. Either positive or negative, it will have no effect.