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Do you think Akhalaia's life is in danger?

Thursday, November 15
“Well, I think that prison threats him… however, I consider that it is better for him in prison rather than outside as the rebels from Chechnya who had threatened him will keep their promise and kill him. I consider that he should respond to all illegal and horrible actions he had committed during his being on the official posts.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“I do not think that Akhalais is endangered. However, I think that his move to No 7 prison was not right. There are special places where former officials are imprisoned…everyone should respect the law. We changed the government to be a fair situation in the country. I do not want to see the same situation in the country as we had.”
Mano, editor, 28

“I think that the current government differs from the previous one and no one will be abused or threatened…in general, Akhalaia had committed lots of crimes and it will not be excluded that he might be under threat from those people which had been abused or tortured by him.”
Nana, Student, 21

“Even if he is I am not so democratic as to be against it. He has to answer for everything he did, one way or another.”
Albert, Economist, 23

“Not yet, but I don’t know what will be in future. I think he should not be in the same jail as thieves-in-law.”
Eka, Writer, 27

“I think it is not nice to keep Akhalaia under the same roof with the criminals, but I think he will learn a good lesson. I am sure he is not under any pressure, but he is just afraid of sitting together with the people whom he has been chasing.”
Irakli, Geologist, 41