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Do you welcome more women in politics? Why?

Friday, November 16
“I really welcome more women's involvement in politics. I think that after business, politics is the sphere where women can achieve serious success and provide more benefits for their country.”
Nino, NGO representative, 24

“I think that the involvement of more women in politics is very important. One the one hand women can more easily diffuse tense situations and resolve problems. On the other hand, women politicians can successfully use personal charm to solve important issues-Eva Peron is a great example of this. I welcome more women in the foreign policy field."
Lasha, Musician, 30

“Yes I really welcome more women to the Georgian political sphere. With more women involved Georgian politics will be more helpful to the public and less monotonous.
Sopho, Social worker, 24

“I think it is perfectly normal and even necessary. It is a little awkward to answer a question that implies that due to their gender women may be excluded from a certain activity.”
Iako, Reporter, 22

“People say that politics will become more human with women engaged in decision-making, but let us wait and see.”
Gizo, Interpreter, 28

“I think it doesn't matter who's in politics, it's more important what a man or a woman can do for the country.”
Meri, PR Manager, 25