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Monday, November 19
12 Georgian sailors ask for help from Panama

A crew of Georgian sailors who are onboard the Maria Del Carmen 2 vessel sailing with a Nigerian flag are requesting help. Twelve Georgian sailors have been stuck in Panama Canal due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the ship owner over the past three months. The vessel is five kilometers away from port. The Captain’s assistant, Giorgi Janelidze, says that the sailors have only a three-day’s store of food, but they have already been left in a blackout due to the lack of fuel. Telephone contact is also expected to be cut in a few days. The Nigerian owner of the vessel has refused to repair the damaged boat and cancelled contracts with the sailors.
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Russia conducts large-scale military training operation in occupied Kodory Gorge

The Russian Ministry of Defense is conducting large-scale military trainings of Russian border-guards and Abkhazian army personnel in Georgia`s remote Kodori Gorge, currently occupied by the Russian Federation. According to the instructions, the united forces have to destroy an armed gang of 30 gunmen, which are planning a large-scale diversion on the territory of Abkhazia.

The Russian border service commander says the anti-terror trainings are conducted in the vicinities of the village of Sakeni. The military exercises will last until November 18. Snipers are also participating in the training along with border guards.
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Georgian Foreign Minister in Germany

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Maia Panjikidze delivered a speech at the German Council for Foreign Relations within his visit to the country. The council was attended by the experts of Germany`s leading analytical centers and academic circles. The Georgian Minister spoke about the country`s foreign policy priorities. Within the official visit, Maia Panjikidze will meet with her German counterpart Guido Westerwelle. She has already discussed bilateral cooperation with Christoph Heusgen, the foreign policy advisor to the German Chancellor. They spoke about the development of Georgia-Germany relations, Georgia`s parliamentary elections, Euro-Atlantic aspirations and country’s relations with Russia.
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Kazakhstan delegation visits Georgia

The governmental delegation of Kazakhstan has paid an official visit to Georgia. The delegation members have already met with the representatives of the Georgian government. They have also visited the Tbilisi Registration Economic Zone, were familiarized with the principles of the work of the Tsiteli Khidi customs point. Following these visits, the Kazakh delegation held a meeting with Georgian Minister of Finance, Nodar Khaduri and Minister of Economics, Giorgi Kvirikashvili.
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Ex-chief of CSD to be charged in absentia

The former chief of the Constitutional security Department of the Ministry of Interior, Data Akhalaia, will be charged in absentia on Monday, Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili has announced. Kbilashvili explained that Data Akhalaia, who is the brother of former interior and defense minister Bacho Akhalaia, is accused of the abuse of power. He added that various crimes, for which about 14 law enforcers were charged during past week, were committed under the instructions of Data Akhalaia. One of his charges refers to the illegal and unsanctioned obtaining of information from personal, political and commercial activities of politicians and other persons. Akhalaia will be charged in absentia, because he is not in Georgia currently.
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Levan Kaladze`s murder case to be re-investigated

The case of the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Levan Kaladze, brother of famous Georgian footballer and current Energy Minister Kakhi Kaladze, will be reinvestigated. Lawyer Irma Chkadua submitted the corresponding document at the office of the Chief Prosecutor today. Irma Chkadua says Levan Tsintsadze, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder and kidnapping of Levan Kaladze, alleges that the evidence in the case was forged and denies his involvement in the crime. The lawyer also says there were too many inaccuracies in the process of the investigation calling upon the prosecutor`s office to re-investigate it. Levan Kaladze was kidnapped in 2001. Roughly four-years later, on the 6th of May 2005, Georgian police officers found eight dead bodies in the Svaneti region and it was speculated that Levan was among the dead. February 21, 2006 was the date when Levan was officially identified among the deceased.
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