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Do you think recent arrests are politically motivated?

Monday, November 19
“I think that recent arrests are politically motivated. However, I also think that the punishment of those people who are currently detained is fair.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“I do not think that what is ongoing in the country is politically motivated. Those people had committed crimes and now they will respond for their illegal actions in front of the court.”
Shota, Student, 21

“Everyone who committed crimes or had some connection with someone’s torture or abuse should be punished. This is the demand of Georgian society. The new government should not hide all those non-investigated, criminal issues that have been occurring inside the country for years.”
Lasha, IT specialist, 30

“Don't think so, there are many reasons to think that former officials have committed several crimes and cases should be definitely investigated, however, the arrests can also be politically convenient for the new government as they are getting rid of some influential political figures.”
Dato, Marketing Specialist, 25

“Criminals should be punished! People are equal to the law despite their political or social beliefs.”
Salome, MA Student, 22

“I somehow think the new government is politically motivated when detaining the MIA officials. It is a bit funny that they are detaining those people who they do not like and releasing those who are already in prison. I think criminals should be detained but with serious reasons.”
Lali, Reporter, 23

“I fully welcome the fact that the criminals are being arrested. I think the new government is acting against the criminals without any political bias.”
Keti, PR Manager, 27

“It is really strange that the former government accuses Ivanishvili’s team of political persecution when we all know how they used to oppress their opponents.”
Gia, Musician, 39