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Zviad Dzidziguri speaks to the media

By Keti Arjevanidze
Tuesday, November 20
The recent arrests in Georgia, was the focus of vice-speaker of Parliament, Zviad Dzidziguri's opening words during a meeting with journalists held on November 19.

“We are very interested in the fairness of the current processes in the country. As international society is very interested in the process of our democratic development; they are strictly observing the situation in Georgia,” said Dzidziguri.

Dzidziguri denies that the arrests are politically motivated and added that the investigation process is transparent and the media are intensively covering the cases. Dzidziguri also stated that specially created monitoring groups are observing the investigation process of the cases.

“Political pursuit is very important in the court that the previous government had, but today the court is free from such kind of pressure; we no longer have a court that makes decisions ordered by the prosecutor’s office," Dzidziguri said.

The vice speaker highlighted the court’s freedom and said that all the decisions that the court will make will be independent and the prosecutor's office will not interfere in the decisions. Dzidziguri stated that the processes in the country are not subject to worry, as the legal process is transparent.

The vice speaker of parliament also listed the cases the new government is going to investigate in the future. “Sandro Girgvliani’s case will be examined, Zurab Zhvania’s death details must be known to society, the photographers’ case investigation must start and also our special attention will be devoted to examining the new parliament building, which was built with serious financial violations within budget.” Dzidziguri promised that society will be informed about the investigation process.

Dzidziguri also touched upon the issue of the investigating committee in the parliament, and explained that the functions between the prosecutor’s office and the committee will be divided; according to him, the principle of the parliamentary investigative committee is to examine the cases simultaneously with the prosecutor’s office.

Dzidziguri also touched on the issue of Georgia's 2013 budget. He said that not all the promises given by the GD Coalition will be fulfilled, as the budget’s existing funds will not allow them to realize all the promises in 2013. “The 2013 budget cannot completely reflect the promises given by the coalition, but positive movements of course will happen,” promised Dzidziguri. He also added that the pension will be over150 laris.