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Tuesday, November 20
Georgia’s Ambassador to Mexico visits Georgian sailors

Georgian sailors, which are onboard a Nigerian ship in Panama, will be visited by Georgia’s Ambassador to Mexico, Malkhaz Mikeladze yesterday, InterPressNews reports. The sailors will ask the Georgian diplomat to help them returning to Georgia."We have two demands – to get our payments and to return to Georgia. Panama is a corrupt country and nobody is interested in our problems here. We have bothered a lot of people, but could not get any help. Now our government’s is our only hope," the Georgian sailor said. The Nigerian ship has been stopped in Panama for four days. The ship is old and Panama’s government won’t allow it to move as it fears it might sink. 16 people are on board, 12 of them are Georgians.

Miners in Tkibuli go on strike again

Miners of the Dzidziguri coal mine have gone on strike after they learned that the mine might soon be closed. The miners decided to stay underground. 45 protestors are still in the 300 meter depths of the mine. They are demanding an answer from the governmental commission on the question of if the mine is really going to be closed.

The miners of the Dzidziguri and Mindeli mines returned to their work a few days ago after about a two week strike, saying they had reached an agreement with the managing company. However, the workers of the Dzidziguri mine resumed their protest after learning about the possible shut-down of the mine.
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Jewish Georgians, living in Tel-Aviv, try to leave the city

Jewish Georgians living in Tel-Aviv are trying to leave the city. As they told InterpressNews, the situation is escalating each day in Israel and even locals are going to leave the city.

"People are panicked. A lot of them are leaving the city. Hamas says this is just the beginning and the worst is ahead. The main thing is for roads not to be closed. As we are informed 75 thousand soldiers have already been sent to the Gaza sector border," a Georgian, working in Israel said.

Fugitive businessman`s lawyer submits additional evidence to the prosecutor`s office

The lawyer of fugitive Georgian businessman, Kibar Khalvashi, has submitted additional evidence to the prosecutor`s office demanding the continuation of the investigation into the case against the businessman. He told journalists after having left the prosecutor`s office that Khalvashi`s complaint was under discussion at the Strasburg court currently. However, the investigation is underway at the prosecutor`s office too.

"The investigation refers to the destruction of the property of Art, Priza and the international building company run by Khalvashi years ago and of which he was deprived. His property was destroyed by specific persons. Currently, we are holding consultations with the prosecutors and soon we`ll make a public statement about the process," Dimitri Gabunia, the lawyer, said.
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Family of murdered actor demands re-investigation into case

The family of late Georgian actor, Giorgi Pochkhua, is demanding a reinvestigation into the murder-case, asserting there are many details in it that need to be clarified. Sister of the late actor, singer Elene Pochkhua, says the facts they have found out in the case do not match with the conclusion of the experts. The family thinks that the murder was planned earlier and only the killer should not be held accountable for it. Giorgi Pohckhua was killed last summer. His body was cast ashore by the sea. An investigation resulted in the conviction of Beka Tsobekhia, who is in custody under pre-trial sentence.
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Ex-head of Adjara government accused of using security service illegally

Davit Batsikadze, who is the deputy chairperson of the Adjara Supreme Council, accuses the former head of the government, Levan Varshalomidze of using the state security service illegally.

Batsikadze made this statement outside the house of Varshalomidze, which is also protected by the guards of the state security service. He asserts that the former chief of the government has no right to spend state funds on his security.

"According to legislation, the state security service can be used by a former official only in the case when his life is in danger, but we have not heard about such a threat against Varshalomidze so far," Batsikadze said.
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Alexi Petriashvili leaves for Brussels

Alexi Petriashvili, State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, has left for Brussels for a working visit. Petriashvili will take part in the NATO-Georgia Commission session, the press service of the State Ministry told InterpressNews.

The NATO-Georgia Commission session will be held on November 20.