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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, November 20
What will be built in Rike?

Much has been made of the flurry of activity and construction that has gone on near Rike Park and the surrounding area. This area hold special meaning and importance for many Georgians and at the same time, the area represents a key location for tourists. According to reports, the Casino Shangrila, located next to the Patriarchate’s residence will be closed from the end of November.

The Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia, Ilia II, noted that the location of Rike is home to the place where 100, 000 martyrs died. Georgia's orthodox establishment believes that a church should be built in this place.

Rezonansi asked the public their opinion on the matter:

Zaza Khutsishvili (musician): "This is a very complicated issue. In this case, I might as well be in favor of the referendum. Generally, I am against the casino, I’ve never been there and I do not understand those people who go there, and instead of helping someone, they lose tens of thousands of GEL. It is very difficult to demolish what is already built. I do not like any of the buildings constructed on Rike, but because it is already built, pulling them down should not be decided by one or two people.”

Jemal Chkuaseli (head of the Erisioni folk dance company): “I am protesting against the ongoing construction in Rike. This building is ugly. Demolition is a very bad word, but which is better– destroying our souls or the building?”

Giga Nasaridze (NGO): “New construction is always a good thing, but, of course, it should not be at the expense of destroying old ones. Some may appreciate these buildings, some of them do not. The demolition of the building should not be dependent on one person’s taste.”

It should be noted that the patriarch's remarks coincided with a statement by the Prime Minister. The fact that he did not like the Peace Bridge contracted on the River Mtkvari and Rike.

No return to CIS says Panjikidze

Foreign Minister of Georgia Maya Panjikidze denies rumors of Georgia returning to the CIS, Rezonansi writes.

"We have not discussed the issue of Georgia rejoining the CIS. Georgia is only going to join EU and NATO, this is our goal," Panjikidze says. It is noteworthy that a few days ago, CIS leadership made a statement saying that it is ready to discuss the issue of Georgia's return to the CIS.