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Do you think newly appointed ministers do their job properly?

Tuesday, November 20
“I think some are and some are not. For example, I observe the minister of education make some reforms, changes, etc, but the minister of health does not even deliver a little speech. But still it is too early to evaluate their jobs, as most of them are new to the field and they all need time to familiarize with the challenges and drawbacks of their systems.”
Ninia, MA Student, 23

Well, I cannot say yet. It requires time and observation to make a comment on such an issue. Let’s see what decisions will be made by them.”
Rezo, Manager, 22

“After the ministers changed, I do not really follow the news, but I still see shared information on Facebook and I think that they are trying to do their best.”
Nino, Student, 17

“I think some of the ministers are very professional but others still lack the theoretical and practical background of the systems they represent.”
Ia, Housewife, 36

“I am so dissatisfied with the former government that I approve of the steps made by the new team. I trust in PM Ivanishvili’s principals and I am sure he will control his ministries and avoid violations of the law.”
Dimitri, Driver, 57

“I fully approve of the new team – I think they need time to deal with the problems and eradicate the drawbacks of their predecessors.”
Vika, Designer, 36