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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, November 22
Government plans to cooperate with tourism sector

Rezonansi writes that Deputy Minister of Economy Dimitri Kumsishvili met with the representatives of the National Tourism Agency of Georgia. After the meeting, Kumsishvili said that the ministry of economy will actively continue to cooperate with the agency and expressed their readiness to work on mutual projects.

The Deputy Minister has introduced to the agency staff a plan to create an adviser's council, which will mainly work on tourism development in Georgia. They will discuss every success and failure in that sector and introduce their recommendations to the ministry and agency.

Kumsishvili has reiterated that the tourism sector remains as one of the priorities of the country.

MIA dismisses staff

Recently the Interior Ministry began dismissing old staff. As a result of the reorganization, the staff of the TV program Patrol has also been dismissed. Staff has been dismissed from different departments of the ministry including the Department of Public Relations.

Former head of the Public Relations Department of the ministry, Salome Makharadze, says that old staff members have just heard that they have been dismissed. “They received the information via media. As I know, new head of public relations told the staff that those who have been dismissed would see their names on the list that was stuck on the wall of the department. As a result of it, 95% of the employees have lost their jobs. No doubt that this is politically motivated decision,” Makharadze says. It is a fact that this decision is politically motivated,” says analyst Soso Tsintsadze. “Now it is important such precedent not have a regular face.” According to Ttsintsadze, if this tendency continues, this will discredit the GD coalition’s image later.