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Did you watch the Prime Minister’s press conference? How would you assess his statements?

Friday, November 23
“To tell the truth I was a bit disappointed after watching the press conference. It turned out that many things that I thought were moving in a positive direction aren't in fact…I fear that dream might move into illusion.”
Mano, Journalist, 28

“Well, I didn't like the conference; I have not heard much about their pre-election promises, decrease in utility bills and some other benefits for people?”
Gia, Engineer, 38

“Unfortunately, I haven't watched the press conference yet as I haven't had time but I will watch it later as am very interested in Ivanishvili’s statements.”
Giorgi, Employed, 27

“I watched the meeting with journalists. The PM seemed to be well prepared, better than he was for previous press-conferences. It was good he provided some clarifications about social projects and possible increases of university tuition fees.”
David, Accountant, 25

“I watched it, as I'm a student and was very confused about the proposed increase of tuition fees. It was good that the PM confirmed that students will not have to pay extra money for their education. It will be great if the PM holds such meetings at least once every three months to summarize the work of his cabinet.”
Katy, Law Student, 21

“During some parts of his speech I had the impression that he didn't believe in what he was saying. If he is not sure in his statements why is he giving people false expectations? First assess the situation, examine the budget for example and then promise people. I am very disappointed especially when he mentioned utility bills."
Keti, MA Student, 23