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A convoy dies due to the incident of convicts

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, November 26
Minister of Penitentiary and Correlation, Sozar Subari has stated that regime in prisons will be stricter however “fair and adequate”. Statement concerning the issue was made after the incident at Ghudushauri hospital where one of the convoys, Jambul Khosharauli died during the incident between the inmates. It has been voiced the reason of death was heart attack.

According to the statement made by Subari three convicts from various prisons were send to the Ghudushauri clinic on November 22 for medical treatment.

Late at night the inmates had a clash between one another. Several convoys interfered to discharge the situation and separate the convicts. One of the convoys, Khosharauli had a sudden heart attack at the moment and died. The investigation in ongoing on the issue however, the reason of death has been announced beforehand based on the symptoms.

Subari emphasized that the convoy was not abused by the inmates and the reason of death should not be related with physical violence.

Various TV Media outlets have also informed that the medical perssonel of the clinic was abused by the convicts during the incident and the cabinet were the inmates were placed was also damaged.

“Despite the fact there was not direct involvement in the convoy’s death from the convicts’ side they will answer for the action and will be punished for this. Regime in prisons will go stricter however, all actions will be legal and fair,” Subari emphasized.

The Minister also spoke on the recent complicated situations regarding the prisons and underscored that after the video footages depicting inhuman treatments in prisons in Georgia released in September, the order almost completely failed in the penitentiary system.

"We will restore the order step-by-step. It will not be the order based on tortures. It will be a fair but strict order. Anyone who tries to violate the order will be punished", the minister said.

Subari offered his condolences to the family of the dead guard and underscored that the Government will do its best to assist Khoshrauli’s family.

Marina Gelantia, the clinic representatives confirmed that the inmates were under treatment in Ghudushauri clinic and that the incident took place at night. However, she did not confirm any violation on medical staff or damage of the medical devices.

The minority states that the majority is trying to shift all blames on them for to recover their disability in solving state related problems.

According to UNM MP, Nugzar Tsiklauri the new government has taken responsibility and they should solve the country problems including those ones related with the penitentiary system.