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Monday, November 26
Sokhumi, Turkish city of Side establish friendly relations

Abkhazian de-facto foreign minister Viacheslav Chirikba and the Mayor of Sokhumi, Alias Labakhua, received a delegation from Turkey, led by the mayor of the city of Side.

According to the Abkhazian media an agreement was signed between the sides about the two cities becoming friends. According to the mayor of the city of Side, the document will help with the deepening of relations between Abkhazia and Turkey. The Abkhazian foreign minister emphasized the need for the restoration of naval movement between Abkhazia and Turkey.

“We want to resume naval and air movement with Turkey. Our aim is our neighbors to recognize Abkhazian passports. We want to drive Abkhazia out of international isolation and we hope ties with Turkey will help us,” said the the Abkhazian foreign minister.

Soldier dies in unfortunate explosion at Krtsanisi training center

An unfortunate accident took place at Krtsanisi National Training Center Friday. Private Mamed Guliev died in the line of duty. The accident occurred on Friday when private Guliev noticed a piece of ammunition laying in an area within the military firing range.

According to preliminary reports, Private Guliev tried to dismantle the shell without permission and it resulted in an explosion. The conscript died immediately.

The leadership of the Georgian Armed Forces and a group of expert investigators immediately arrived at the place to examine the accident. The exact cause of death will be established after the investigation.

Private Guliev joined the Georgian Army three months ago.

The Ministry of Defense of Georgia extends itsdeepest condolences to the family of Private Guliev.
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Owner of Nigerian ship stuck in Panama contacts sailors

A representative of the owner of the Nigerian ship halted in Panama has made contact with the sailors, one of the Georgian sailors, Giorgi Janelidze, told InterpressNews. According to him, the representative told them that information about payment and repatriation would be available on Tuesday or Wednesday. “However, we think the ship owner will not meet our demands and he just wants to delay time,” Janelidze said. The Nigerian ship carrying 16 sailors on board has been stopped in Panama for 3 months now. 12 of the sailors are Georgian. The local government will not allow the ship to move because it is 42 years-old.

Director General of construction company released on bail

Tbilisi City Court ruled yesterday to release Gegi Kelbakiani, the director general of NCC Ltd. on bail of Gel 150,000 and sent Archil Chogovadze, the financial director of the company to pre-trial detention.

As reported, Gegi Kelbakiani will leave the prison as soon as he pays the bail. While lawyers of Archil Chogovadze intend to appeal the court`s ruling. Giorgi Kelbakiani, the General Director of NCC Ltd. and the Finance Manager Archil Chogovadze, were both charged under Article 194 part III sub-paragraphs A and G of the Criminal Code of Georgia. The crime envisages up to 12 years of imprisonment. The two were detained after several hours of questioning four days ago.
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MP Valeri Gelashvili summoned for questioning

MP Valeri Gelashvili from the Republican Party has entered the office of the chief prosecutor to give testimony about the armed assault on him, which occurred in 2005. Gelashvili was brutally beaten up then, but he says the investigation was conducted incorrectly and the crime was qualified as armed robbery. Gelashvili says the prosecutors have removed his case from the shelf and the investigation would continue. Gelashvili talked with journalists before entering the office of the prosecutor and the names of the persons who were involved in planning and implementing the assault on him. He asserts the crime was planned in the office of the president and carried out under the order of that time interior minister Vano Merabishvili. He also said the former chief of the special operative department; Irakli Kodua was observing the fact from about a 200-meter distance. Gelashvili says the former defense minister Irakli Okruashvili should also be interrogated with regard to the case, as he had information about the crime.
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Robert Sturua confirms reports about his return to Rustaveli Theatre

Famous Georgian theatre director Robert Sturua has confirmed his decision to return to the Rustaveli Theatre in his interview with the media. A few days ago he posted his position about his return on his Facebook page. Reportedly, Sturua will be appointed the art director and the manager of the theatre. The details of his return will be clarified in a few days and only after the official appointment the fate of the current director, manager and staff of the theatre will be decided.
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