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What do you think of the possible unification of the GPB and Channel 9?

Monday, November 26
“Georgia has never had an independent public broadcasting station. With its content, the GPB has always been pro governmental despite its name…based on this, it is not important whether Ivanishvili or some other equips it or unifies it. It is most essential whether it is really public or not.
Mikheil, Journalist, 71

“To tell the truth, I have only a positive assessment with regard to the statement made by the Prime Minister. The man has underscored that he plans to give the television station back to the public. However, such statements need adequate assessments and lots of people have taken it negatively and wrongly.”
Goga, Engineer, 41

“I am not really fascinated with the perspective. I believe that the Georgian Public Broadcaster has enough resources to fulfill its obligations appropriately. Only the right management is required. I can say the same regarding Channel 9. The channel can fulfill its function separately and very well.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I think that Ivanishvili is making the same mistake as he made several years ago when he abolished his own TV channel. We remember during the pre election period he had serious problems concerning the broadcasting and media space. I would advise the Prime Minister to retain Channel 9 as his TV channel.”
Alika, a company employee, 40

"I do not welcome this idea and I find it to be a very silly decision from our Prime Minister. First, the public broadcaster implies a totally impartial and unbiased news source. How can Ivanishvili's family TV channel be impartial and an objective source of information? On the other hand I know the GPB has never been independent or impartial. They should think about creating at least one TV channel that will broadcast independently."
Marika, Manager, 32

“I have a reasonable doubt that people in Georgia, especially politicians, do not know what the peoples' TV channel is. The GPB is financed by us– the people of Georgia, and I would have been happy if it really worked as it should have worked. I wonder why the GPB chief maintains his position. He is a totally biased person and he has always fulfilled those orders what previous authorities had. Now I have a feeling that the same tendency is going on today. Ivanishvili has his own channel and this is his own business. He should give up interfering in GPB's affairs if he wants to maintain the trust of the society."
Gaga, student, 20

Frankly speaking, I like channel 9 and most frequently watch either Channel 9 or Maestro. However, I can hardly imagine TV9 to be turned into the public broadcaster. This will be very ridiculous. Personally, it proves the government's weakness towards TV broadcasters."
Nia, translator, 28