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Tuesday, November 27
Salome Zurabishvili – French press is replete with acute criticism of the government we selected

The French press is replete with acute criticism of the government we selected, Georgia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Salome Zurabishvili writes in her Facebook page.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs ties this with the fact that the old ambassadors remain on their positions and speaks about the necessity to change them. “It’s time to take care of this. The National Movement has a thorough attitude about this – they’ve just created or hired a new lobbyist firm. The embassy neither reacts nor informs Tbilisi about it. Someone may think that this is insignificant, but it is a negative picture which deserves more attention from Georgia than dancing in Strasbourg... or casting doubt on the democracy of our country and the new government... the same is everywhere. Ambassadors who remain on their positions, old or new lobbyists: they serve Saakashvili and nobody protects the new government... We don’t pay attention to the foreign press, as if it doesn’t exist while they (National Movement) spend all their energy on it. Why doesn’t anybody explain to Ivanishvili that the old ambassadors should be removed and his personality and policy should be promoted abroad? Is it ignorance or sabotage?” Zuraishvili writes.

Former chief of incomes office summoned to prosecutor`s office

Former chief of the incomes office of the ministry of finance, Jaba Ebanoidze has been summoned to the chief prosecutor`s office as a witness today. The case about which the former senior official will be questioned is unknown. However, the member of the parliamentary minority, former deputy chief prosecutor Davit Sakvarelidze has already assessed the fact as politically motivated. "It makes no difference about which case he was summoned. There is clear political pressure on the person who was one of the most successful managers of Georgia. Jaba Ebanoidze is the person was always against corruption and bureaucracy and one of the locomotives of Georgia`s progress. Jaba Ebanoidze defeated corruption in the public register system and a person who reduced bureaucracy and corruption. His summoning to the prosecutor`s office is a shame not only for them who did it, but for Georgia," Sakvarelidze told Rustavi2.
(Rustavi 2)

Statement by Tbilisi mayor

The Chief Prosecutor`s Office is checking the documents of funding mayor`s tours abroad - Tbilisi's Mayor, Gigi Ugulava said in an open letter sent to the anti-corruption department of the prosecutor`s office on Monday.

Mayor Ugulava complains about the allegations from different bodies and denies any misuse of state money in his letter.

Ugulava defines that the funds from the Tbilisi budget were allocated only for the trips of the mayor and the mayor`s assistant in accordance with the law, the documents of which have been sent to the prosecutor`s office.
(Rustavi 2)

Aleksi Petriashvili Departs for Estonia on a Working Visit

State Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration Aleksi Petriarshvili has departed for Estonia on a working visit. State Ministry for Euro-Atlantic Integration has informed that high ranking bilateral meetings are planned with the Prime Minister of Estonia Andrus Ansip, Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet, Minister of Defense Urmas Reinsalus, Chairperson of the Foreign Relations and EU Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Estonia, Marko Mihkelson and Taavi Roiva. In the framework of the visit, a joint press conference with Aleksi Petriashviil and Estonia’s Foreign Minister will be held. Georgia’s state Minister will visit Eastern Partnership Training centers.

Electricity tariff reduction feasible

The tariff on electricity may soon be reduced by 4 tetri, according to the representatives of Inter Rao. The Russian energy giant will arrive in Tbilisi on November 29 to discuss the possibility of tariff reduction with the authorities of the ministry of energy of Georgia. The Deputy Minister has said both sides are already prepared to discuss the possibility of tariff reduction. The controversy of 125 dismissed employees from the Tbilisi power distribution company Telasi will also be on the agenda of the meeting. Inter Rao has already appointed a new director general of Telasi, Devi Kandelaki, who replaced Ashot Manukyan on this position.
(Rustavi 2)

Murder suspect arrested

Police have arrested Nikoloz Khubashvili, who is suspected of murdering Soso Chikobava. The man was shot dead from gun fire on November 25, 2012. The crime occurred on Ninoshvili Street N24a, in the vicinity of Aleksandre Neveli Russian Orthodox Church.

Reportedly, the victim had a disagreement with Nikoloz Khubashvili regarding an apartment issue.

The detainee has already pleaded guilty. The weapon of murder has also been seized by law enforcement officers. An investigation is underway. The GuriaNews Agency asserts that Chikobava was a former employee of the Chamber of Control and often criticized the work of the office. The investigation will have to work in order to find out if his criticism had something in common with his murder.
(Rustavi 2)