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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, November 27
Michael Rasmussen on Saakashvili

Kviris Palita reports that Michael Rasmussen, the cousin of NATO Chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said that Saakashvili’s government did nothing for the people’s well being.

“Saakashvili’s government did nothing for the people’s well being. That’s why it was impossible to collaborate with Georgia. After the changes that took place in October, I can talk about large scale investments and business projects in Georgia. We plan to carry out projects in the oil business and developing the tourist industry, as well as energy and agriculture,” Rasmussen says.

Michael Rasmussen is going to invest in Georgia. He is a businessman who runs businesses in various countries and now he has a large scale business project for Georgia.

“I became interested in Georgia after the parliamentary elections. My company is interested in carrying out large tourism projects and projects within the agricultural sector. Projects like that are successfully run in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Senegal. I think we will reach success in Georgia as well,” he says.

According to Rasmussen he was interested in Georgia long before. However, he did not have the wish to cooperate with the previous government.

“I knew pretty well what was going on in Georgia. I have friends there and I was informed. That is why I avoided doing business in Georgia. After the elections, I began thinking to enter Georgia’s market. I am sure this project will be successful for us and for the Georgian business sector,” he said.

New transcripts on photographers’ case

Kviris Kronika published a transcript of the hidden video recording about the well known photo reporter case. According to the video, two officers of the Ministry of Interior ask photographers Giorgi Abdaladze and Zura Kurtsikidze to change their lawyers.

Abdaladze says in this interview that there are more videos that have not been published yet and he is sure that after releasing all of them, a number of officials will be found guilty. Abdaladze did not reveal the person who handed him the video transcripts.

“I would like to ask the person who gave me these recordings to publicize all the materials. If the given recording will be publicized all the illegal processes that have been going on for years will be revealed,” Abdaladze says.